School Program- It sets us in the league of best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about MLZS Sainikpuri – a truly magical place.

GuideLines To Parents


  • The Almanac has been introduced for you and the school staff to communicate effectively. lt is essential that you go through your child’s almanac every day.
  • Do sign the remarks, if any so that we know that you have read them. Please use the space provided whenever you wish to communicate with the teacher.
  • You are encouraged to visit the school to discuss about the child’s performance with the concerned teacher with prior appointment and confirmation.Visit to School
  • The parents are encouraged to visit the school to discuss about the child’s performance with the concerned teachers. As part of the school’s security system, all visitors to the school will check in at the school front office/security office. Visitors will be given a badge for identification. After completion of the visit, visitors are required to return the badge to the concerned office and check out of the building. This procedure must be strictly observed for the safety of students. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see students or teachers during class hours without the permission of the Principal. Accordingly, all visitors are requested to come to the school only with prior appointment & confirmation.

GuideLines To Students


Every member of the school is a responsible person and she should ensure that any breach of discipline is prevented. If not preventable, then it must be reported to the concerned authority without delay. Pride in the School and in the people should prevent any member of the school from doing anything that would cause harm to the institution.

  • All students must carry their School Almanac and identity Card to school every day.
  • Students, who come to school on their own should arrive well before the reporting time.
  • Students, who come to school escorted, should never leave before the escort arrives. ln case of any delay they should report to the school office.
  • Students are allowed to use the school telephone only with the permission of the class teacher.
  • The school does not permit the celebration of birthdays on the school campus. Private birthday invitations should be mailed, rather than passed in class, unless the whole class is invited. Parents are allowed to send at the most, two ordinary sweets per child to be distributed on the child’s birthday. No other outside food is permitted.
  • Use of appropriate language is expected at all times. Bullying, ragging and extortion are prohibited. There is to be NO violence at any time.
  • Students are expected to be polite and proper with all the staff on campus.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, drugs, firearms, lethal weapons, pornographic literature, pets, match boxes, lighters etc are totally forbidden.
  • Electronic items like Discman, Walkman, iPod, Cell Phones are not permitted.
  • Cash is not permitted and betting in any form is prohibited.
  • There should be no distinction in terms of religion, caste, income group, region, colour, creed etc.

Dress and Appearance

  • Students are expected to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the membership of the school and are required to be neat and clean in their general appearance.
  • While on the school campus, or in school transport, all students must be in their designated school uniform.
  • If for some reason a child is unable to wear his/her uniform, special permission needs to be taken from the class teacher.
  • Students must wear polished black shoes. These should not have any fancy features.
  • Hair must not be coloured, tinted or highlighted.
  • Students are not allowed to wear ostentatious or expensive jewellery, expensive watches, wristbands, chains and similar accessories.

Fees Timings

9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
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Frequently asked questions

Conditions for refusal of admission?

Admissions can be refused only on the basis of non-availability of seats (35 students per batch of a class) or on special grounds only.

Admissions will be granted on first come first serve basis till school reaches full capacity. Thereafter, admission shall be granted based on the draw of lots.

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission?
  • Medical Fitness certificate.
  •  Attested copy of birth certificate.
  • Progress card of previous academic year (std I onwards).
  • Previous school’s leaving certificate if any.
  •  Aadhar Card

Age Criteria for admission

Being among the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad , Mount Litera Zee School’s admission process seeks to provide every child with a fair and equal opportunity to develop his ability and potential towards successful completion of education. The admission process shall begin a year in advance.

Mount Litera Zee School SAINIKPURI, SECUNDERABAD Campus is Affiliated to CBSE No.130298


As per rules promulgated by CBSE, the Board Examination (Secondary level) shall be open to students who have attained the age of 15 years as on 1st April of the year in which they take the examination.

Class Minimum age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought Maximum age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought
Nursery 2.5 years 3.5 years
LKG 3.5 years 4.5 years
UKG 4.5 years 5.5 years
I 5 years 7 years
II 6 years 8 years
III 7 years 9 years
IV 8 years 10 years
V 9 years 11 years
VI 10 years 12 years
VII 11 years 13 years
VIII 12 years 14 years
IX 13 years 15 years
X 14 years 16 years

Entry Criteria for admission

  • Admission to be granted to students on the basis of assessments that gauge student profile and check the goodness of fit into Mount Litera System.
  • Student Viva to be considered only as an interface tool till class VII. It has no weight in the final selection list.
  • Concept test shall be based on expected key knowledge for every class.
  • Observation and viva will be conducted in person. Students need to be present for this.
  • Unlike most top schools in Hyderabad, Student of Mount Litera Zee High School will not have any entrances test or assessment in case of internal transfers.
    Class Assessment Type Assessment Composition
    Pre-primary to Std. II Child observation + parent interaction 100%
    Std. III to VII Concept      based   assessment    on:

    English –                                          15%

    Hindi –                                              10%

    Math –                                               15%

    Science –                                         15%

    Social Studies –                                15%

    Previous result 30%
    IV Interaction with child Mandatory
    Std. VIII Concept      based      assessment
    Concept      based      assessment
    Social Studies
    Previous results
    Previous results

Admission preferences

» Admission to be granted to students on the basis of assessments that gauge student profile and check the goodness of fit into Mount Litera System.

» Kid zee students will be granted admission to Mount Litera Zee High Schools on a priority basis.

» The neighborhood residence parameter shall be considered only if it is a norm by the local regulatory authority.

» Admission preference shall be extended to the student’s siblings. However, the Minimum admission criteria will be applicable.
» Conditions to the above rule: If the sibling is learning disabled, the student shall be given admission preference depending upon the availability of support system. However, in case of physical disability; admissions shall be granted subject to management’s discretion.

Admission For Students With Special Needs

Admissions of children with special needs shall be routed through Head of Child Development & Academics at Mount Litera School. This decision shall be considered final. The decision shall be based on facilities and services that can be offered by Mount Litera Zee High School.
Student’s styding in Mount Litera Zee High School who are identified as learning disabled shall be provided support in the form of a resource center or advisory services. It epitomizes our schools spirit being one of the 
top 10 schools in Hyderabad.