MLZS Sainikpuri

Affiliation Letter

Welcome to MLZS

Mount Litera Zee School is an endeavor by the Essel Group led by Shri Subhash Chandra to prepare leaders of the 21st century through its education arm, Zee Learn Limited. 

Awesome Teachers

We make sure that students receive the best guidance of our experienced staff.

Graduation Rate 100%

Our Students have a 100% graduation Rate and also excel in many skills.

Best Programm

We teach the way they learn not, learn the way we teacg.

500+ Students

The Student’s development forms the most integral Part of our school.

Our Curricular Events & Activities

Our Curricular Events & Activities


Children advance in specific subject areas when their experiences are guided along a learning trajectory through increasingly higher levels of conceptual understanding

Art & Extracurricular

When it comes to adding your extracurricular activities on your college applications, you definitely don’t want to leave blank space!

Sports &

The child has one intuitive aim: self-development. He desperately wants to develop his resources, his ability to cope with a strange, complex world.

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