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Taking Skill Development Seriously.

The two questions that school and education are supposed to answer are: ‘How much do you know?’ and ‘What can you do with what you know?’ Entire school systems are based on answering either one or the other question, or so we believe. The hearsay goes like this –...

‘Anti-pollution Day’ for School Students.

What if we asked school students to solve real-life problems? Real-time? For example, a large capital city’s pollution problem? What if we asked them to use their understanding of history, civics, geography, combine it with mathematics and psychology, and then some...

The Art of Teaching to Students.

Let me say this again. Teaching is not parenting. Teaching is not mentoring. Teaching is not facilitation. Teaching is not lecturing. Teaching is not helping students pass exams. Oh, and teaching is certainly not bullying, hectoring or cajoling. And equally...


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