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Building Social Skills In Children

If children can be associated with an attribute that comes naturally to them, it has to be innocence. All the other qualities that you might find in a child should have been inherited from the people around him/her. Socialization is what shapes an individual’s character. So it is all the more necessary to establish social skills early in childhood. Would you not like it if your child perfects the art of entertaining guests?

  • As much as it is important to be encouraged, children must also feel confident to be able to sustain their success. To make children feel confident and get comfortable with people, we need to teach them social skills very early in their life, so that they learn to interact and communicate effectively.
  • Make it a practice to indulge in open conversations with your child/children in your class every day, so that he/she/they realize (s) that you are approachable, no matter what. And, while you do that, you could teach him/her/them a whole spectrum of skills — to participate, share, cooperate, be patient, listen, help others, accept differences, be polite, be assertive, negotiate, apologize, etc.

One of the tried-and-tested methods to get children to inculcate these skills is for us to model them at different scenarios. Another way you could achieve this is by sharing stories, screening movies, or engaging children in activities that model the various social skills.

Developing Scientific Thinking in Children

It is the responsibility of the parents/teachers to hone children’s scientific thinking capability to help them develop a thorough understanding of whatever they deal with. But for that, we need to understand what scientific thinking is. Taking the example of a pen, you could say that scientific thinking is about being able to find thereason behind its working/use. No matter what route you take, you will need to know what a pen is widely used for and how you want to use it.

When you know these details and understand the gap between the two, it will be easier for you to come up with other questions that could lead you to understand the feasibility of what you want to achieve. It is important that we lead children into assessing to understand not only science concepts but also those that do not seem “sciency” to them.

An important pre-requisite to developing scientific thinking is to keep an open mind. To make children achieve that, you may provide them with various activities that have the same objectives. This is to make them understand that a result can be achieved through different methods.

Only when one is able to accept that can he/she seescience in everything. And then, you need to kindle the children’s curiosity to explore the working of the world around them. What can you do for that? Well, you may end your activities with open-ended questions. Repeated exposure to this kind of scenarios is sure to 

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