MLZS Sainikpuri

About Our Management

Mrs. Ramadevi

president of ramdev education & welfare society

It has been 8 years since the foundation of Mount Litera Zee School, Sainikpuri and while the ups have been proud achievements, the downs have been a lesson in learning and every step has led to the development and progress of the school as an institution.

The Ramdev Educational and Welfare Society was set up with a view to providing an Innovative and Futuristic Educational Foundation to the enterprising young minds of the nation.

Its mission is to foster in children a pursuit of excellence in all circumstances, endeavors, the courage to follow the path of hard work and determination on the road to success.

T.Devanandam Naidu

ceo of tamdev educational&welfare society

MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL was established in June 2010 with a view to providing the youth of the state with an academic strength on par with the current world standards, interspersed with an awareness of current affairs as well as activities that encourage health and fitness.

Accordingly, the Zee Learn syllabus is assigned to understand concepts, apply them in real-life situations observe their effects on the world in our lives. We are constantly striving to improve our teaching standards and Learning methods thereby promoting personal growth and professional efficiency. We look forward to your presence with us on this journey to overall excellence.


secretary of ramdev educational &welfare society

The past years as secretary of Mount Litera Zee School, Sainikpuri has been a roller coaster ride with a kaleidoscope of visuals from curricular performances co-curricular activities and feats on the sports field.

Mount Litera Zee School has a strong infrastructure with a well-maintained swimming pool, adjacent grounds for games and a well-stocked library and Audio Visual room, well-equipped Science and Computer laboratories, language resource rooms. The curriculum includes periods for dance, music, art, and craft, etc. facilities artistic pursuits. Independent and teamwork are given equal weight age, creativity is appreciated and hard work rewarded.

Student-teacher ratio allows for bonding as well as optimistic learning. In recent years our results have given us reason to behave that we are on the right track.

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