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The Pre-Primary School Program at Mount Litera Zee Schools comprises Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG and UKG). This age group is working on developing theirfine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence, and developing their social skills through play.

Early childhood education serves as the foundation for all future learning. It is the period of learning to learn. The MLZS pre-primary curriculum is delivered through theILLUME methodology that was identified and perfected in asister concern of MLZS, Kidzee, Indian’s largest preschool chain. ILLUME pedagogy is based on the following assumptions.

  • Every child is unique
  •  Every child has infinite potential
  •  Every child is born with an innate desire to learn
  •  Every child learns best through observation
  •  Every child learns and constructs her own knowledge in multiple ways

The ‘ILLUME’ curriculum focuses on the developmental milestones in the areas of cognitive, linguistic, creative, social and physical development.  This learning design leads a child to inquire and seek answers or to find answers on her own. Questions become the order of the day making thinking and creativity to be the norm.


Development Program

Language Development

✔️ Self-expression
✔️ Enrichment of Vocabulary
✔️ Articulationy
✔️ Story Tellingy
✔️ Conversationsy
✔️ Picture Talky

Cognitive Development

✔️ Reasoning, Problem Solving
✔️ Thinking, Memorizing
✔️ Concept-Based Activates
✔️ Puzzles, Games

Creative Development

✔️ Expressing ideas through various forms of art.
✔️ Assessment is continuous.
✔️ No Grades, No Marks or No Comparisons.
✔️ No Grades, No Marks or No Comparisons.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

✔️ Understanding Self
✔️ Interaction with others
✔️ Learning together
✔️ Social Awareness
✔️ Developing Independence
✔️ Sharing tasks
✔️ Following a schedule
✔️ Respecting Differences

Physical Motor Development

✔️ Developing skills related to physical movement and skills.
✔️ Expression of languages and art through activities.
✔️ Hand on activities- Outdoor play, Games, Making puppets, painting, Colouring, using pencils and crayons.

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